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1 | 2012

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  • Reference text with the literature synthesized for the challenging problems in hand surgery
  • Chapters written by experts in their respective fields
  • Numerous color illustrations and photographs

Reoperative Hand Surgery is a major contribution to the literature, offering a wide range of reoperative options for challenging problems that face the reconstructive hand surgeon after failed primary surgery. Concise and discussing all of the more common issues that hand surgeons often face in performing revision surgery, this invaluable title is unique in that it looks specifically at the problem of what to do when the original index procedure did not go as planned. Topics covered include the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow, and several sections of the book discuss some of the psychological and social factors that also go into the decision process to reoperate or not. The chapters are tightly focused so that the important aspects to consider for reoperation can be quickly reviewed. There is also a component that discusses how to avoid other pitfalls and to minimize as well as manage any complications that may occur with reoperative procedures. Importantly, the book is replete with original art work to help describe and demonstrate how to perform many reoperative procedures. The artwork is simple and straightforward but yet detailed enough to convey the important steps and aspects for the surgical intervention it is outlining. Developed by renowned experts in the hand surgery field, Reoperative Hand Surgery is an indispensable, state-of-the-art reference, offering the busy hand and upper extremity surgeon easily accessible information relating to the evaluation, diagnosis, and possible surgical interventions for the diagnoses discussed.

Content Level » Professional/practitioner
Related subjects » Orthopedics - Surgery


  1. Considerations in Reoperative Hand Surgery Scott F.M. Duncan, MD, MPH
  2. Reoperative Dupuytren’s Contracture James H. Calandruccio, MD Scott E. Hecox, MD
  3. Options for Failed Flexor Tendon Surgery A. Ylenia Giuffrida, MD Scott Wolfe, MD
  4. Reoperative Phalangeal and Metacarpal Fracture Management Kane L. Anderson, MD Douglas P. Hanel, MD
  5. Surgical Options for Failed Thumb Basal Joint Arthroplasty Scott A. Mitchell, MD Roy A. Meals, MD
  6. Surgical Options for the Failed Wrist Arthrodesis Nathan A. Hoekzema, MD Jose A. Ortiz, Jr., MD
  7. Reoperative Indications in Vascular Disorders of the Hand William C. Pederson, MD
  8. Reoperative Conditions Following Distal Radius Fractures Amy L. Ladd, MD Kristen Fleager, MD
  9. Reoperative Issues Following Carpal Bone Fracture Surgery Vipul P. Patel, MD Jesse B. Jupiter, MD
  10. Secondary Procedures and Surgical Treatment of Distal Humerus Fractures Rick F. Papandrea, MD
  11. Reoperative Concerns in Fractures of the Radial Head and Proximal Ulna Scott G. Edwards, MD
  12. Reoperative Concerns for the Unstable Elbow Paul Maoof, MD Virak Tan, MD
  13. Reoperative Conditions Following Total Elbow Arthroplasty Jeffrey C. King, MD
  14. Reoperative Options for Compressive Neuropathies of the Upper Extremity Jason R. Kang, MD Ranjan Gupta, MD
  15. Secondary Procedures for Failed Tendon Transfers Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD
  16. Surgical Options for Failed Replantation Vincent S.C. Tay, MD Alexander Y. Shin, MD
  17. Reoperative Issues Following Mangled Upper Extremity Injuries George S.M. Dyer, MD David Ring, MD, PhD
  18. Reoperative Tenosynovitis Steven C. Haase, MD Kevin C. Chung, MD
  19. Reoperative Brachial Plexus Surgery Douglas M. Sammer, MD Susan E. Mackinnon, MD
  20. Reoperative Medial And Lateral Epicondylitis Surgery Nicholas E. Rose, MD
  21. Secondary Reconstructive Options in Failed Fingertip and Nail Bed Injuries Ryosuke Kakinoki, MD, PhD
  22. Reoperative Options in Failed Proximal Interphalangeal and Metacarpophalangeal Joint Arthrodesis and Replacement Marco Rizzo, MD
  23. Reoperative Surgery in Failed Wrist Arthroplasty Kevin J. Renfree, MD
  24. Secondary Surgery Following Failed Forearm Reconstruction Shushan Jacob, MD Tsu-Min Tsai, MD Andrew Lee Ostermann, MD
  25. Secondary Options in Failed Tissue Transfers About the Hand Jeffrey B. Friedrich, MD Robert E. Schlenker, MD